Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Do YOU See When YOU Look in the Mirror?

Yesterday on the Today Show they showed a mini session about what people see when they look in the mirror.  I have tried to find that segment, but can't seem to find it to link to this post. 

It was really neat to hear what different people saw when they looked at themselves.  The study showed that majority of the men liked what they saw; while women generally felt insecure and found flaws. 

It got me to thinking about what I see when I look in the mirror.  I think as women we are unconsciously comparing ourselves to other women all the time.  Such as:
     - I wish I was more fit
     - I wish I had curly hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair
     - Why can't my legs be skinny like hers?
     - Why can't my fat go somewhere besides my face and stomach? 
     - What if my face was completely clear?  Wouldn't I look better?  
     - What if I was as pretty as she is? 

I know for me I struggle with self image every day.  I think a lot of it stems from childhood and being made fun of during school.  I was chunkier than most of my friends in elementary and middle school.  I was called "pig nose", made fun of because of the 2 chicken pox scars on my face, in high school I was told I would be prettier "if I didn't have so many pimples".  People can be so cruel.  It taught me that because of the way it made me feel, I knew I didn't want to treat anyone else that way.  I was very careful to not make fun of anyone and to take up for anyone that was.

So what do I see today when I look in the mirror? 
- I see someone that still struggles with looks.  I have gained about 15 pounds over the past 1 1/2 years and that bothers me.  BUT at the same time, I don't want to take time away from my kids to go to the gym.... so I try to accept it and tell myself I'll go when Sophie gets in preschool.  I enjoy playing with them outside, taking walks with them, riding bikes with them, anything that involves them. 

- I see a face that has started back breaking out just like it did in high school and the comment that was made to me then plays over and over in my head. 

- I also see self worth.  I am proud of the woman I have become.  I am thankful that God blessed me with a wonderful life, family, husband, and children. 

- One thing that I wish was different about me is that I do not like what I see when I don't have on makeup.  I don't have to wear a lot of makeup daily, but I feel that I need a little powder, eye liner and mascara.  I wish that was different.  I wish I was more comfortable in my own skin. 

- I also see a daughter.  I think about how I would feel if Sophie or Heidi struggled with self image and if they didn't like what they saw.  I was created in the image of God and he chose two beautiful people to be my parents.  Same with our children.  I am VERY careful to not say the words "diet", "fat", or anything to that nature in front of the kids.  I want them to feel comfortable in their skin.

- I see a body that was chosen to carry 3 beautiful human beings for 9 months each.  That makes me thankful for each stretch mark I have. 

- The first thing I look at when I look in the mirror is my face.  Make sure all is okay there and then move to my stomach.  And then on to make sure I don't have too bad of a panty line.  I know that sounds crazy, but my Mom was big on no panty lines when we were growing up. 

- Most importantly I see a TEMPLE OF GOD!!  I know my body is special and sacred.  I know I need to take care of it and I need to love the skin I am in. 

** I know for Kyle, when he looks in the mirror he keeps me laughing.  He fits in the category as most of the men do and is comfortable in his skin.  He'll be strutting his stuff, flexing his muscles, making comments like, "mmmm.... don't I look good".... "look at those muscles".... and in reality we would all be so much happier if we could just learn to be comfortable in the skin we are in.

 We need to constantly give compliments to one another.  We need to watch what we say to each other too.  Comments like, "Do you really need to be eating that?" or "that is so unhealthy" or "that has so many calories" actually end up hurting most people.  The truth is we all know what is healthy or unhealthy.  Sometimes a blizzard at Dairy Queen or a hamburger at Sonic is worth every calorie. 

To me, we all need to try to enjoy life a little more.  Enjoy grilling out with our families. 

 I am thankful to be living in the south.  Sometimes fried chicken is ohhhh so good and sometimes the taste of that dorito makes your mouth water. 

      PLUS.... if we ever want to feel better about ourselves, all we have to do is walk in Walmart .

Monday, April 28, 2014

Funnies, Recital Time, Fun Weekend

 As usual, our lives over the past few days have been nothing short of busy.  When I think about how busy we always seem to be, I can't help but be thankful that we are busy together.  Making Memories.  The down side to it is our house stays a wreck!  So I am publicly apologizing to anyone that comes over and happens to walk in one of the kids bedrooms.  Just close your eyes and pray you don't trip and fall.

Kyle was so excited that he and Karter made "The Santa Ana Times"... kind of like a virtual magazine that the ship puts out.  The employees are able to submit pictures of their families.... and they play slide shows during meetings, etc.  I love the idea!

They are the ones next to last on the right :)!
 Okay, this completely CRACKED me up when it showed up on my snapchat.  I had to screen shot it to keep for a "rainy day".  Tyler hacked Moms phone :)....

 How funny was that?

Now for a not so funny..... I felt like the WORST Mom EVER when this happened.....
See the cut above his ear and at his hair line? 
 I noticed some long hair above Karter's ear, so I was going to trim it.  For whatever reason he jerked his head and I ended up clipping his head.  He SCREAMED.  I cried.  He then assured me he was okay, but that he might die.  Made me feel 100 times worse.  I hadn't done anything like that since cutting Heidi's newborn fingers when I was trimming her finger nails. 

Thursday we spent the afternoon/evening at Moms (after the zoo).  I got this family selfie of us on the golf cart :)...

And then after bath time she had the girls try on their costumes so she could fix what needed to be fixed.

 As you can imagine, Soph keeps me entertained (& some days wanting to pull my hair out) most days..... 
"A day in Moms shoes"
 Kman had a tball game Friday night.  He is so cute playing.  He is the youngest one on his team and I love watching his determination and excitement.  He can't seem to run the bases without smiling and most definitely can't cross the home plate without sliding. 

 After the game, we ate Mexican with Babee and then came back to our house.  I had walked inside to put my usual arm load of stuff down when Heidi ran in and told Mom and I we had to come see this quick.

A freshly born baby bird had fallen out of his nest.  Now my last attempt at saving little birds failed miserably and they ended up all dying and my heart broke in a million pieces.  Not to mention the Mama Bird was trying her best to attack me. 

So I was pretty nervous about trying to save this one.  I was glad Mom was there to help.

 The kids were amazed.....

 I got the ladder and tried to put the bird back in the nest.... which was in a metal thing on our shop.  My hand would only go so far and the silly thing kept flipping and flopping and was about to fall out again.  Mom then took a stab at trying, but she ran into the same problem.  Heidi "tried", but was too scared.  Sophie was BEGGING to do it, but we honestly were afraid she would be too rough and kill it.  She did PERFECT.  She was able to get her small arm all the way through and place it on the nest.

Hard to see because of how dark it was... but the nest was pretty far in..
 We then stuck some paper towels in the end so it couldn't flop out.  The sides were open (we just couldn't reach them).  The Mama bird could fly in from the sides . 

Saturday morning we had to be at dance recital practice bright and early.... 8:15.  That was dressed, hair done, and makeup done.  Thankfully Babee came over at 7:00 to do their hair and brought Hardee's :).

Heidi's snap chat... not sure what Soph did her first time LOL...

 That little girl had been counting down the days until she "could get on stage".  She told us, "I am soooo excited.... I think I might cry.  I cannot wait to get on stage". 

 This years theme is "A Year of Dance".... (which is why Heidi is in a Ms. Claus suit). 

She took some selfies on our way to practice.....

I had a VERY fun morning with my girls. 

 This next picture was right, but I can't seem to get it to turn right on the blog.  My apologies. Yana's birthday was Saturday :)!!  Dad had been talking to me about what he wanted to do for her and I usually try to help him when he is at work.  She has wanted a deck to go on the back side of the pool where it slopes for as long as I can remember, so that is exactly what she is getting this year.  As you know, our printer has bit the dust, so I decided to just draw a replica instead of trying to find one to get someone else to print.  Tyler helped me color it :)....
 After dance, getting Karter from Tyler and us doing Yana's drawing, and visiting Yana on her bday :), we headed to one of Heidi's friends swimming parties.  They had a BALL!!!

 We had a fun rest of the afternoon/evening at home.  I washed my car (inside & out) and the kiddos played in the water, washed their toys, drew with chalk all over the drive way, just had a good time.

 Yesterday after church we went to Moms to eat a yummy lunch and then she kept the kids for me to go to my friend's aunts funeral.  She was also dear to me because she was the Mom one of my old teachers that has become a huge inspiration to me since Moms diagnosis.  She had cancer, so her viewing was exceptionally hard for me.  I didn't expect to lose it, but I just did.  I was still an emotional basket case when I got back to Moms. 

BUT we sat outside until church time and talked so that helped. 

How cute is this?? Oscar was loving the kids pushing him in the stroller. 

Last night when we got home these two were being so sweet to one another.  Karter kept rubbing Sophie's hair and I was trying to capture the moment, but I kept missing it.  I did capture that one and it is still sweet to me.
Ending with that funny.  Pretty funny to me because that was me a few months ago.  My legs hurt for days after. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Preschool Zoo Trip

 This week was the letter Z at preschool and the preschool class always goes to the Zoo the week of letter Z.  That's exactly where we went yesterday.  We all piled up in vehicles and followed one another to The Montgomery Zoo.  We had a WONDERFUL time. 

I spent most of my time trying to keep up with Karter.  I was very thankful he was excited and not wanting to hang on me, but I'm just not as fast as him (haha).  He ran almost the entire day.  Had to be at the front of the line. 

Yesterday morning before we left for school Heidi and Karter had a photo shoot with my camera :)....

My handsome Kyle Junior

Kman, Mason, & Jax were studying the map

 They were studying the turtles.  The turtles were putting a show on for us.  Check this one out......
It was balancing on its shell and hanging it's arms and legs out.  It had that one leg down, and then we watched as it lifted it in the air too.
 The brightness of this one makes it hard to see, but it had it's back leg all stretched out....

This monkey was CHILLIN'!!

Kman didn't get too far from Ms. Becky.

Hiding behind Jackson for some reason.... probably from the camera (haha).

Calen, Matthew, Jackson, and Karter

He was intrigued by the Eagle. (Secretly yelling "War Eagle" maybe??? JK KYLE)

Preschool Class of 2014 *sniff sniff*
 Those of you that know Karter know that he has to stay hydrated.  He is constantly drinking and peeing.  No telling how many sips of water he got yesterday. 

 They got to play on the playground for a little while......

In line for more water.....

Telling stories while waiting for the train to come back around....

Train ride fun!

 They all had a snack before heading home :).....

 It really is great to be a part of a wonderful preschool program.  Everyone is so close and works together so well.  I am very thankful Karter has had a wonderful year at BKK.  Hard to believe that in less than a month he will graduate from preschool. 

Soph hung out with KyKy and Babee and then on his way to work he took Soph to play at The Tisdales until we got back.  She had a ball!!!
This cracked me up! 
 .... and Amanda got Heidi bug for me :).....
 I left Karter Man help me drive down Tad & Kayla's dirt road. 
I am so thankful that I was able to go and spend the day with Karter.  Being able to enjoy all of these moments with my children are priceless.