Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kindergarten Is Officially Over

Gosh I can hardly believe I officially have a 1st grader! Wow! Sooo hard to grasp. I'm telling you..... Since we had children each day seems to get faster and faster.

As I am sitting here rocking the babies, I can't help but think how they'll be in the same boat sooner than later. Heidi was just 2 & 3 years old and I was rocking her.

I asked Heidi this afternoon if Kindergarten was hard or easy and she said, "it was HARD"! Haha! Wonder what she'll say about 1st grade ?!?

I will FOREVER Be grateful that she had Mrs. Hightower for her first teacher. Kindergarten teachers form the foundation for our kids future. I believe that with all my heart. And Heidi had a wonderful one :-).

Anyway I am sure she'll very much enjoy her summer off!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Karter's 3rd Birthday

So we were finally able to celebrate Kman's 3rd birthday :)!!  Planning it was lots of fun and I think the party itself turned out to be a great success.  I hope you enjoy seeing pictures of our fun Saturday :)!

I had the stop light idea just last week... I was cutting up card board (I do LOTS with cardboard for parties)... and anyway was going to throw these little pieces away and they were the perfect size for stop lights :)!! 
 As you can tell with the little white streaks *L* I had some little helping hands when I was painting this one.

 Kyle hung this stop light by the mailbox :)

 Kyro putting the last touches on :)
 Super cute apron MeMe got for Karter so of course it worked perfect for the party.

 The party favors were Cars cups :)!! I like to try to give useful gifts as party favors.
 One of the table decorations :)

 Tire Donuts :)
 Oh my gosh I loved loved loved his cake.  It turned out perfect!!!!  Just how I imagined :)!!

 He was so excited that it was his party :)!!!

 HAHA Sophie was pretty excited too!  She is still talking about "Karters birthday"

So his party turned out great :)!!! 1 party down..... 2 to go :)!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little This.... A Little That...

HAHA That video makes me laugh everytime I watch it.  Soph requests a massage several times a week while trying to go to sleep.  I had to video it.... too funny to me :)!! Miss High Maintenance.

So It's 10:14 and I'm telling you.... I have a NIGHT OWL little boy.  He'd stay up all night I'm sure of it.  His eyes are getting a little heavy though thank goodness.

Okay.... so my sweet Momma has started going to Estate Sales in Florida on the weekends.  She found me this FABULOUS Ottoman for $5!!!! Yes you read right.... $5!!  I have been looking for one, but just haven't found "the one" yet.  So anyway.... she got it with the intentions of "us" covering it :)!!! (really her).   

And so yesterday off to T & C we went to find the perfect fabric.  I'm soooo excited.  Everything is coming together slowly but surely. 
Thankfully T & C has a little kid area..... the babies loved hanging out there.  Sophie loves books, so it was right up her allie.

Monday was my little brothers 20th birthday!!! No more teen years.  We went to the Japanese Restaraunt for supper to celebrate :)!!  LOVEEEEEE me some Japanese food :)!!!

Soph enjoed her self too *L*!!

She was "learning" how to use chop sticks *L*!

I think TW Had a pretty good birthday. 
That's a good lookin' family.... don't ya think :)!!

Gosh I am behind..... Heidi's Kindergarten program was this past Friday.  SOOOOO hard to believe she is almost officially a 1st grader.  My My My I seriously can hardly believe it.  You blink and the year is gone.  *sniffles*!! 

The program was soooooo cute!!! Our OES Teachers go out and beyond.... and we are sooo blessed to be a part of a school system like this.  Heidi LOVES school!!

Here she is with a couple of her friends and her cousin, Hank.

LOL This is the only picture I have of my and Bug from that day and she isn't even looking :(!!! Oh well it's okay.  After the program she spent the day with her friend, Presley, and they got pedicures and had all sorts of fun. 

Presley and Heidi :)!!


Me and my little handsome man before the show started :)!

Friday night, my bff Amanda, brought supper over and helped me recover my kitchen chairs.  We didn't finish the other night :-/!  But hey..... we "gotter done" this time :)!! They look great!!! Thanks Buck!
Of course since it was a girls night *L*!! We pigged out on brownies.  She's so crazy.... she ended up spending the night since her hubby was out of town.  It was so nice.....

Like the chairs :)??? I do :)!!! Now we can actually eat at the table and I won't be a nervous wreck.

She brought Tator Tot Casserole.  It was super yummy.

Yes she currupts my kids *JK*!!!  they LOVE Amanda!

She and Sophie slept together.... and they came in our room at like 6:26 AM... or before *L*!! Dancing and goofing off.  YAWN!!!!!!!!!

Oopsie..... this was Friday night after the chairs were covered... we had to go let her horses out.  The babies LOVED that!!!

This is a pretty good picture of Heidi Leigh and Kman!!

That umbrella was actually Tyler's when he was little :)!!! Karter LOVES it!

Okay so...... as most of you know, I can eat cereal 3 meals a day and be perfectly fine.... anyway the other day I went pour me some and the blooming box sliced my finger pretty good.  Never been injured by my cereal box before *L*!

HAHA Now you can't tell me that you look at this cute face and not smile.

HAHA My mom and Heidi LOVE Dancing With The Stars.... so last night she was texting us telling us who was on, etc..... so I took a picture of Heidi and sent it to her to show that she was glued to the show *L*!

Heidi asks to get Jaycee out of her pen pretty regular..... so I had to get a picture of her "leading" Jaycee.... but looks more like Jaycee is leading her :)!

KyKy and Heidi coloring :)

Okay.... so Soph does not even think twice sometimes about getting in trouble.  She is SOMETHING ELSE!!!  Anyway.... one day last week she got in trouble for hitting Karter and then she just bit him for nothing.  Sooooo she got a spanking and got in time out and it didn't phase her one iota!!! 

HEHE Kman stayed with mom last night and she sent me this picture of him jumping on her bed.  Funny what all they get away with at Grandparents houses *L*!!


Okay this was.... I think either last Thursday or Friday morning.  If I ever take a picture of all 3 kids in MY bed, then you know SOMETHING happened and it had to have been a rough night.  It was just that!!!  Sophie has been falling off the bed often.  I don't know how to keep her on without just strapping her to it.  There are pillows all on one side and a rail on the other.  She has fallen off almost every corner on that bed there is.  She is a ROUGH sleeper *L*!!!

:-) Me and sweet Bug Saturday at a baby shower.  I had a wedding shower and a baby shower Saturday.... whew.

Last night Soph was helping me put dishes up and she accidentally dropped one of our nicer bowls :(!!!  Oopsie!

HEHE.... Tyler sent me this of Kman the other day.... love this picture.

Video of Heidi Leigh doing her cartwheels :)!! She almost has her 1 handed cartwheel pretty good and she thinks she is something else *LOL*!!  Maybe not can get that backbend from standing, but can get the 1 hand cartwheel haha!