Thursday, December 29, 2011

How is it at the Colquett's???

So.... some people talk about blogs... like are the real or fake? Surely their relationships aren't that "perfect" yada yada. Well I'm here to say.... what you read is what you get with me. There's no shame in my crazy life! This is the life God chose for me and I am enjoying every crazy and tiring minute.

It's been pretty chaotic lately *L*!! So I thought I would just fill you in on a few things that happen around here... and make you go... hmmmm wow.... I'm not the only one with a wild life *haha*!!

So Wednesday night I got home about 5:15ish... Tyler was here with the kiddos... Kman was snoozing :)!! Well we were in the kitchen talking and Tyler accidentally bumped his big glass of hot chocolate and it spilt all over the floor. Well we got that all cleaned up and I washed the floor so it wouldn't be sticky. Heidi was walking around in my high heels and had a grape soda she was bringing me to open and she slipped in what I just washed and the soda went flying and when it hit the floor, it busted and sat there and just span round and round spewing all over the kitchen *L*!! It was quite hilarious... but a STICKY mess! Sooo I told Tyler that if he would watch the girls while they were in the tub, I would mop everything so that it wouldn't be sticky. I was about to mop and Sophie pooped in the tub *L*!! It was BAD this time... Heidi stepped all in it, it was smeared all in the tub *barf* and it got on the towels... *L* Mess Mess Mess!! Long story short, all of this happened before 6:30 when we left to head to Church. *L*!!

Tuesday night, I walked in the bathroom to find a paper towel roll in the toilet. You ask... how did that even get to where "they" (they=Sophie) could put it in there? Well Sophie and Karter were in the tub and they were playing with their new tub paint and spilt it all in the floor...bright blue paint ALL in the floor.... so I had the paper towels to clean it up and it took the rest of my roll, so I just threw the roll in the trash in the bathroom.

The other day Sophie did a lot of "mashing" on my phone and somehow changed my input language to Spanish... so every word I would type it would tell me it was misspelled. Finally got that fixed yesterday.

Last night, I cooked a big pot of yummy Chicken Noodle Soup. Well while cooking, mom tells me that the hall bathroom is stopped up. UGH! SOOO I had to stop cooking (Thankfully Abby was here so she watched the kids for me *L* while I ran around like a mad woman.... Tyler had gone to get Grandmama and mom and Jody had to leave to try to catch the UPS man in Enterprise) and try to find a plunger. I could not find our plunger ANYWHERE. So I called our neighbor (Kyle's mom *S*) and tried to find one at her house, but couldn't. YIKES! So Tyler went to Dads later on to get his.... guess what??? He was plunging the toilet and it broke :| .... So Dad called about that time and thought he had another one... well he couldn't find it, so brought a hanger... he worked on it and couldn't get it to work... so with 15 minutes to spare until Freds closed (They close at 9PM), he ran up there and got a plunger and got it all taken care of.... WHEW!!! Thankfully it was just too much toilet paper in the toilet and not a toy.

Tuesday Morning, Karter and Sophie were soooooo clingy and whiny. They get extremely jealous of each other and me very easily. If they both want me to hold them, 8 times out of 10 I do. But it was really hard for me to dry my hair, put on makeup, etc... so finally... they were both dressed and ready for school.... I put them in the recliner... put Cars 2 on and told them to sit there... TOGETHER (because they had been fussing BAD) , be sweet, and watch the movie so I could get ready for work. They did just that. So sweet. But my mornings with just trying to get all 3 ready and out the door in time for school, day care, and my work.... you can't imagine.

BUTTTTT It's not always crazy. Wednesday night is a good example... AFTER church *L*!!! I got extremely EXTREMELY dizzy at church... (no worries... I was fine ALL day yesterday). I didn't say anything to the kids.... we just loaded up and I drove really slow home. It wasn't their fault and I had to still be a mom to them :)!! They need me no matter how I feel.

When we got home, the kids were so sweet. Karter got a little whiny because he wanted more juice and he knows that he can only have one cup before bed. But anyway... we got home, changed them all in their pjs... I got in mine.. and we layed on the couch and snuggled and watched a movie. They all three went to sleep laying with me on the couch. I LOVE moments like that. They really do my heart good. And make all those crazy moments worth while :)!!

Tyler had brought by a movie he and mom wanted me to watch and some yummy Italian Creme Cake that my mom made... and he left this super sweet note :)!

These were Wednesday night while we were on the couch... Soph was RElaxed :)!

My sweet cousin, Abby, helped give the kids a bath last night.... she can tell you how chaotic it can get. But there is so much laughter. They are all funny in their own little way. We spend majority of our time just laughing and carrying on. How can you not laugh when there is purple soda spraying and spinning all over your WHITE kitchen *L*? How can you not laugh when you walk in the bathroom and see a paper towel roll in the toilet? Or when things are already crazy and Sophie poops in the tub and you have to yet again scrub the tub and Clorox the toys ? You can choose to laugh, cry, or get mad??? But what will getting mad do besides make everyone upset?

In the words of Kate Gosselin, "It might be a crazy life, but it's my life".

I had to share these... Wednesday I met Tyler, Heidi, Kman, and Momma at Papa G's for lunch. LOVE their Stans Salads :)!! Very nice lunch date.

Kman got some gum when we got finished eating.
So as you see, we have crazy days.... everyday *L*!! But so do most all of you. I just talk about mine. It's just easier with Kyle's help. We have excellent teamwork and I miss him like crazy when he's gone.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Weekend! I'll talk to you next year :)!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Finale

Okay... so I know you are all tired of seeing Christmas Pictures *L*!! But now you know why it's my FAVORITE time of year :)!!

For Heidi's school party, I recruited my cousins, Abby & Jamie, to help :-)!! I don't remember if I have blogged about this yet or not :\ so if I have.... I do apologize :)!!

We personalized little cups and stuck them in these cute boxes.

And for the first time EVER.... I didn't make things for Karter & Sophie to take to school.... it was sooooo chaotic that night... (the day I drove to Atlanta).... so here's the cupcake treats they took to school....

The presents Karter & Sophie gave their teachers:

So it looks like our living room has thrown up ribbon *L*!! I don't like wrapping with that ribbon anyway, so I let Heidi play with it :)!!

I am sure they are watching Lion King *L*!! Since that's about all we watch around here or Cars.

A couple Saturdays ago we had the Wyatt Christmas. It was a lot of fun :)!! The kids love playing on the hay bales.

Sophie most definitely enjoyed herself a cupcake!

She wasn't afraid of the firecrackers... she was right in the middle of it!!

Dancing to Just Dance 2 (or 3??) on the Wii

This was the first year we had a Pinata. What a great idea!!! They loved it!! Thanks Grandmama!

Christmas Eve we always go to Kyle's parents. Thankfully they live next door, so it's easy to take the gifts and such. Soph enjoyed helping me take them down there :)

And then the girls and I made Jesus a Birthday Cake :)!! Kman was snoozing... so I thought it would be nice for us girls to do it. They loved decorating it.... and of course Sophie was eating the icing.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Heidi:

Sophie sporting her Toms :)!!

Helping Sissy get hers on...
We played outside while waiting for Jon Wesley and his family to get there.

Sweet cousins!!

Kman was so excited over his truck!

These girls loved their new shirts and Barbies!!

Her Daddy called at a good time :)!! Just look at the sweet smile on her face while talking to him :)!! She loves her Daddy!

And this was one of Many wagon loads up the hill to the house :)!!
Monday Night we had Christmas with the Messers. Uncle Jimmy is being so silly.

Abby and Aunt Mandy all snuggled up.

HAHA Every Year we started a funny thing and someone gets this same ole lingerie and this year they threw in Panties *L*!! Justin was the lucky recipient... now he has to give it to someone next year.

Heidi is taking up her Daddy's slack.... Wrapping Paper Fight!!

So anyway.... we had a wonderful Christmas :)!!! Next year's Christmas will be here before we know it that's for sure!