Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Low Key Evening

Afternoons and evenings like today are what I like.... days where it seems like the afternoon just stretches some. Kyle actually got off on time and was able to get a haircut :)!! Poor thing just has to get a haircut when he can.

Anyway I ended up working later than usual :(...... it worked out well because Heidi wanted Yana to pick them up today. By the time I got off, Kyle was back home, so I picked him up and we headed to get the kiddos. They were playing with the puppies and letting them get a dip in the pool :)!! Karter kept saying... "Where's the yellow one?" talking about Jaycee.... haha. He loves the puppies!

On our way out to get in the car, Karter had to make a stop by Papa's lawnmower. He is so much like Kyle. He is all about the mechanics in things.

This one cracks me up. I said he is such a guy (sorry men).... he can ride a lawnmower and pick his nose at the same time.... that's talented *haha*!
When we left my dad and Yana's, we went to Pizza Hut since it was Tuesday Night... buffet, and kids eat free. That worked out well BUT I don't know if it's just me, but everytime I go to the buffet, they NEVER have the pizza I want. I just don't get it. Surely thin crust Pepperoni Pizza is a very common pizza?!? The closest I could get was a pan jalapeno and pepperoni.

We got home about 7 I guess... and anyway I was really wanting to ride the bike. I had gotten something for Amanda the other day that I kept forgetting to give to her, so I rode Sophie on the bike to their house. Heidi drove Kyle and Karter over there on the golf cart. We stayed there for a while. It was nice... we just sat in the swing and talked and it felt so good outside. Karter wanted to ride with me going back, so Heidi drove Kyle and Sophie back on the golf cart.

When we got home, MeMe was watering her flowers, so the kids helped her and Kyle watered ours while I put the rocking chair back on the front porch and started a load of clothes.

After the kiddos got a bath, Heidi was talking about what color she wanted her finger nails.... well Karter decided he wanted his painted too so he took it amongst himself to get the purple polish and paint his own big toe *L*!!!
We stayed in the girls room for a while and put things up and I went through Heidi's shoes and some clothes that are too small.... and then Karter got tired and wanted to rock :)!! Heidi played with the camera while we were rocking... so here's a picture of Karter and me she took:

Daddy and Sophie she took:

And of course herself :

And after the babies were both asleep, I painted her finger nails and toe nails... and tada.... she always picks the colors and designs. It's hard to tell, but the toes are purple and white and her fingers are pink and blue.
So anyway.... Kyle is now "painting" his red bug bites. He gets those everytime he goes fishing and he tried clorox on them, but that didn't seem to help, so he does clear finger nail polish on them and that seems to stop the itching for a longer period of time. He pure scratches them until they bleed.

Anyway.... I think we are all about to crash. I still have to brush my teeth and take my makeup off :)!! BTW just a side note.... I HATE taking my makeup off, but I REFUSE to not take it off. UGH! I always dread that!!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a WONDERFUL weekend! After work Friday, I came home, packed everything up, and then Kyle took Sophie and I to moms house. Karter and Heidi were already there.... so they were just waiting on us :)!

On our way to Freeport, we stopped to eat at Ed's in DeFuniak Springs. We LOVE Ed's and I think we eat there everytime we go to the beach. They are famous for their Pub Burger.... it is HUGE though, so if you don't eat much, I'd recommend halfing it with someone.... their milkshakes are also divine :)! Anyway.... I took these of Soph while we were there... she was having her a good time!

Kyle stayed home and went fishing Friday and Saturday morning, and then he joined us Saturday afternoon after we went to a precious couple's wedding at church. So anyway, Mom, Abby, and I took the kids to the Destin Commons to play in the little water playground thing. Heidi liked it, but Karter wasn't in the mood to play in it... so she got bored pretty quick. Karter's allergies are acting up, so I don't know if that's why he didn't like it, or if it was just the unexpectedness of the spout. He did play for about 2 minutes and seemed to enjoy it then.

Is this not an absolute GORGEOUS picture of heidi?? OMG I LOVE this picture. It's one of those "accidental" pictures... the ones that always seem to turn out the best.

Here's the clan at the Commons :)! After we left here, we took the kids to the Bay.

Sophie loved it of course!!! *L*!!

Enjoy the video....

Anyway that evening after Kyle got there, we went to Pier Park and tried to eat at Margarittaville and The Back Porch, but the wait at both were super long.... so we ended up eating at Raggae J's which is right there at them... and we were all pretty disappointed I think.

Anyway... Here's me and bug before we ate:

Abby, Sophie, and me on the beach

I have been wanting to redo my walls in my dining room and anyway I have this idea in my head, I just keep trying to make it a reality and so far no luck.... I'm needing either a really good family picture, or a really good picture of the kids..... no such luck thus far :(!!! This one would have been GREAT, if only Soph had of been looking.

Me and my girls:

Babee and her girls :)

Me and My Honey.....

Anyway... while we were waiting to eat, guess who made a surprise appearance..... The Messer Clan :)!! They were in PC playing ball and decided to go to Marble Slab for a little dessert.... so they walked up to where we were and waited with us until they called our name.

Heidi and Abby.... she really took a clinging to Abs.

Heidi got so hot and tired at Reggae J's that she crashed before her food even got there.

Anyway..... we all crashed when we got back to the trailor. Yesterday morning Sophie woke up about 6:15..... So she and I sat on the porch for a long time and I let her play.... well then she started getting sleepy, so I rocked her until she passed completely out! She took her a good nap in my arms and on my legs :)!

Once she woke up from her nap, she thought she needed to wake KyKy up!! I thought that was really sweet.

Once everyone got up and dressed, we headed to the beach for the day. We got there about I don't know... 11 ish and left after 5. It was soooooo beautiful and soooooo relaxing. Kyle and I have been talking about getting away on our anniversary and going to the beach for the weekend because we haven't had a getaway since I had Heidi.... and I told him that if we did, he'd have a hard time getting me off the beach. I literally could stay on the beach from dusk to dawn... I LOVE it!!

We saw lots of sailboats... Karter of course was all about those.

See how crystal clear the water was.... and it felt SOOOOOO good!

Sophie absolutely loved it. Kyle took all of these.... he stayed under the tent most of the time. He didn't want to get anymore sun.... I told him there was a pooper in every party *L*!! He said he wasn't complaining... he just got enough sun fishing.. and he did!!

SOPHIE LOVED it!! Karter didn't mind it, but I wouldn't say that he LOVED it.

Sophie was chillin' in the little chair... she thought she was a lot bigger than 11 months old haha.

Soph and Dad getting a little snack....

Me and Abigail...

Heidi took these of me and Soph.... Sophie ate no kidding at least 1/4 of a pimento cheese sandwich. She was all about that. She's turned into a little garbage gut!

So in a minute I'll show you what Tyler and Abby are studying.... I have got to do research on them to figure out what it is.

Kyle actually did get in the sun a little (left picture).... but he kept his shirt on.

Mom was getting caught up on some reading while the babies napped and Heidi and KyKy played.

Okay so this boat was gosh...... Kyle says at least 300 or 400 yards from us and I was able to zoom in this much.... cool huh?? And there were several people doing the standing thing on the "surf board" and paddling. I forget what it is called.

There was a yellow flag out and we really aren't sure why.

Heidi LOVED everything about the beach. And she just gets soooo tan so easily. She never seems to burn... she just immediately turns into a gingerbread.

Okay this is what Abby and Tyler were studying. Interesting huh? They all of a sudden started showing up all over. Everyone kept calling them a type of jellyfish, but they wouldn't sting you. To swim, they would move all of their tentacles inward and then push them outward. Neat huh?
Oh and before we left, Heidi and Tyler accidentally caught a crab and a shrimp. That's the shrimp on the left. Pretty cool huh?

That shows a picture of 3 of those things.... the later it got, it seemed the tide was bringing in more and more seaweed and these things apparently were all in it!?!?! Because they were everywhere too.

See all the seaweed? :( At least we were leaving though.

Anyway..... and then it was time to go. here's all of our things with the tent down. It's amazing how much you have to take with Kids.

Oh and guess what.... all 3 kiddos went to sleep AT THE SAME TIME!!! Such a rare moment. Actually so rare that I don't know that it has ever happened beside bedtime.

Look at these precious faces.... how sweet adn innocent do they look asleep??? awww...

Karter was OUT!!!

And these were on the way home. They were SOOOO ready to get home. "We there yet?" "How much longer?" "I gotta use the bathroom" "I want the chips.... I want the donuts.... Where's my juice???" on and on and on *L*!

Shelly Kate and Miley Grace stayed with MeMe last night, so they were here when we got home. The children really enjoyed playing together. We had a nice afternoon. Karter and Sophie got a good nap, I was able to put all of our things away from the trip, and I was even able to do some cricut projects.

Papa, Nana, and Gmama came over and ate with us. Kyle grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs, and his mom did all the fixings to go with them. It was just a very nice and enjoyable afternoon I thought. But then again anytime I get to spend with family is always enjoyable to me. The kiddos sure did get i-l-l tonight though... soooooo sleepy. After Dad and then left and things started settling down, this is how I ended up rocking them to sleep..... how sweet is that??? :) I LOVE rocking my babies. I am so thankful that they let me do that.

So as you can see our mini vacation was much needed and much appreciated. We all had such a good time and it was really nice to leave everything behind for a weekend. Hopefully we will have a good week. It's 10:52 and my eyes keep trying to shut!! I'm calling it a night!!!