Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sophie - 5 months old

It is so hard to believe that Sophie has been in our lives for 5 months now! That's incredible.

I thought it would be neat to start with her 1 month picture just to see how much she has changed each month. Her hair is the main thing! Look at how much hair she had when she was born... and how dark it is... by the time you get to 5 months, you can hardly see hair *L*!! And it is snow white.

I love, love, love this one!

Okay before her 5 month shot... I thought it would be neat to see some pictures of Heidi and Karter at 5 months old. Heidi was already sitting up at 5 months. She seemed way more advanced.... almost.... than Karter for sure (but that's the boy thing) and Sophie.

Sweet Karter man at 5 months

I would NEVER give anything for my three children, but sometimes I miss the "simpleness"....

And here's Sophie Lynne at 5 months :)!! You can tell she would hardly sit there... she wanted the paper bad!!

What all is Sophie doing now??

- Almost sitting alone. She would rather stand up, so she pushes her feet to the floor which throws her back.
- Drinks 6 oz
- Formula: Enfamil AR Lipil
- Eats any type of stage 1 baby food
- LOVES to get a bath
- Does not like changing her clothes anymore :(
- Wears a size 1-2 Pamper Swaddler (The ones from Sams are actually sized 1-2)
- Weighed 12.6 lbs 1 week ago today
- Wears 3-6 month clothes
- Rolls EVERYWHERE! She can roll wherever she wants to go
- Sleeps on her stomach
- Usually gets up at least once a night and usually around 4:30 or 5:00 am.
- Sucks a Nuk Paci
- Has a very easy going, bubbly personality... but also is short tempered. She wants what she wants when she wants it.
- Loves to watch her Big Sister and Brother

As I am sitting here rocking Sophie, it is hard for me to comprehend that I AM a mom of THREE!!! With three small kids, it is so easy to get caught up in things that need to be done and miss out on the small things with them. I have to pay Sophie so much attention that I often feel like Karter was pushed to the side starting at 6 months old. And then sometimes (last night {Mon} was pretty bad) I feel like Sophie AND Karter need me a lot and then I miss out on Heidi. I miss her so much! I see her everyday, but I just miss being with her... I miss holding her... loving her... playing with her... she wants to "GO" every chance she can get... and that really upsets me sometimes. Sometimes it is okay.... but sometimes it really makes me feel like I'm not doing my job and she thinks she gets more attention at other people's houses. So that is still a struggle for me. Then again... no one said being a mom was easy.... It's the toughest job I'll ever love!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 2

Okay so this will end up Thanksgiving. Saturday we had The Wyatt Thanksgiving at my Uncle Victor and Aunt Kathy's house. We had a wonderful time!! We stayed there from early lunch until late that night. It was nice just to hang out with everyone.... and now we all have kiddos so it's even more fun!!!

KyKy came over (on time *hehe*) and helped "hold a child" while we got ready :)!!!

He is holding Frazier and Rylan. Frazier belongs to my cousin Drew and Rylan belongs to my cousin Jonathan. Jonathan and Drew are brothers.

Sophie and Frazier are only 2 days apart. So it's lots of fun watching them at the stage they are in.

Frazier was more interested in the TV than anything else. These kids are currently only a few ounces apart, but my Sophie's cheeks make her look so much chunkier to me!
I think she was a little too "rambunctious" for Fraz man :)!!! She kept getting on his nerves... but then he finally gave it back!

Papa and Karter kept sliding down the stairs.... Karter loved it.

A little football time....

That's Jonathan on the left!!

Karter has really taken a liking to football. I am so glad that he has.... I think it's neat watching a little boy play sports.

My two babies :) (Side note.... Sophie's the age now that Karter was last year when I found out I was pregnant)

Here's Soph messing with Frazier.... such a bully *L*!

This is actually Frazier's jumping thing.... he loves it. Sophie just sat there... haha... she would spin it around a little, but that was about it. She's not much of a jumper.

Okay so Jonathan is going to shoot me.... I just HAD to see what a bow looked like in all that hair. My two girls NEVER had that much hair when they were (are haha) babies. I only left it in there for a second... while snapping this picture Karter actually ran into the corner of the table behind me.... put a knot on the side of his head.

As you are going to notice... there are lots of pictures of Frazier and Sophie playing. I wanted to get several just so we can show them as they get older. Unfortunately Rylan slept most of the time :( But HEY that's what you do at 3 weeks :)!!! Give him a few more weeks and he'll be right in the middle of these two!

HAHA Poor Frazier. I don't remember what happened here. And then that's sweet little Bear. Heidi LOVES that dog and of course wants one for Christmas.... looks like Sophie is enjoying watching him too!

Uncle Victor and Frazier.... maybe Frazier was sleepy in the above picture??

Karter doing what he loves to do... wrestle... and of course Sophie is right in the middle!

Jonathan and Karter!

This was really sweet... they kept staring at each other and holding hands... it's really like they were communicating without any words. Very precious!

Video of Sophie and Frazier.... amazing what 5 month olds do and how they communicate!

Nana and Sophie!

Sunday before church.... we were about to TRY to take pictures for the Christmas cards.... I don't know if they are going to work or not.

Sweet Christmas!

Sunday night at church.

Whew... we had 1 year olds Sunday morning and night. They LOVE to play... woller (sp?) on us... eat goldfish and cheerios *L*, and just be shown some love!!

Can definitely be a handfull at times!

So excited that it's December! I love Christmas!! And I LOVE dressing them in Christmas clothes.

Karter had on his new shoes.... squeaky shoes!! And Alabama... so his daddy really liked them *L*!

So anyway.... needless to say... we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wonderful weekend in general. It goes by way too fast. It seems like Monday mornings are always here. As much as I love Christmas.... the month of December is so busy with parties. Kyle and I have his work party in Dothan Friday night and Heidi has her "friend" Christmas ornament/painting party Friday night... and that starts all the fun :)!!

Good night and Sweet Dreams blog!! I'm one tired Mama!